I got tired of waiting for nanoblogger to compile my blog entries, specially since it seems to take more and more time as I add more entries. I guess that some variant of Schlemiel the painter's Algorithm is involved in the process.

Everybody say hi to ikiwiki! It is an (efficient) wiki compiler, and it can also use a version control system as a data storage backend. In particular, it allows me to write the posts locally, check a compiled version of the blog locally, and post (push) entries to a remote server easily (with a simple git push).

The rss and atom URLs for the blog have changed; please update them to this (RSS) and this (Atom). The old ones still work, but is better for all of us to be on the safe side ;)

Update 22:47: Sorry for trashing your feeds, but I couldn't think of a way to avoid that :'(