The purse of a woman (Marguerite) is stolen. A voiceover tells us that this is a key scene, that, albeit trivial on its surface, will have deep consequences for so many people.

(it will, for you)

Some guy (Georges) finds the woman's wallet. The guy is actually a whacko that, among many other mental deformations ranging from ludicrous to decidedly creepy, makes a lot of fuzz about returning the wallet (Because he is european, and in this kind of movies europeans make a lot of fuzz about seemingly trivial things). He ends up handing the wallet to the local police, where Dominic Greene, the officer at the counter in the police station, receives it. He is evidently too busy plotting how to steal all of Bolivia's fresh water, and he doesn't really pay much attention to Georges.

Marguerite eventually goes to the police station to get her wallet back, and calls Georges to thank him. Georges, whom of course also makes a lot of fuzz about talking to her, manages to force her to abruptly end the conversation because of his harsh manners.

Georges begins to stalk Marguerite, leaving letters at her (snail)mailbox telling her the history of his life, calling her asking to go out for a dinner, and even trying to force a meeting by stabbing the wheels of her car.

She gets shitless scared because of what he did to the car, and goes to the police (to our beloved Dominic) asking for help about Georges. The police goes to talk to Georges, and bzzztt (jerojasro falls asleep).

(jerojasro wakes up. The damn thing isn't over yet. The guy isn't dead, nor in jail, hasn't killed anybody, and nobody has banged anybody. FuckFuckFuckFuck, I want my money back)

Marguerite is worried because maybe she got Georges into trouble when she asked for help to the police. (She is actually looking for a rationalization for her desire of stalking him). Now she begins to stalk him, even to the extent of asking Georges' wife for his whereabouts. She goes out to meet him.

They have a coffee, and she tries to make friends with him. When he notices that she wants to meet with him again, but also with his wife, he gets angry and leaves, asking rudely to her to refrain from trying to meet with him again.

(Honestly, I think he got tired of the lack of results of the "nice guy" strategy, and switched to the far more effective "treat her like shit" strategy)

She gets more serious about stalking him. Talks a lot to her best friend about him. In the end she gets her to drive her to Georges' house. But of course he isn't there at that moment, and Marguerite agrees to have a cup of tea with Georges' wife.

Georges arrives to his house, and walks to Marguerite friend's car, mocking her for her lack of ability when parking it. He somehow seduces her, bangs her, quite likely in the back of her car, and gets him (and her) drunk. Before Marguerite and his wife finish the tea.

(Oh, yes. That was the surreal scene of the movie. You know, if it didn't have it, it would have an Oscar logo on its poster, instead of a Cannes thingy)

Georges and Marguerite's friend go into the house, where Marguerite's friend asks for a glass of water for her hangover, and Georges tells Marguerite:

  • That her friend was trying to seduce him, so he banged her. Because, you know. (Porque, aj√°.)
  • To leave his house and to never try to meet him again.

Marguerite gets really upset about the don't-look-for-me-again thing, and she starts to lose control even of her work life. She skips many appointments with her patients, and her friend has to pick her up, talk to her, and mostly try to get her to feel better.

Marguerite decides that she needs to fly her plane (because she is a dentist-pilot) to blow off some steam, and goes to the airport. She also asks her friend to take Georges and his wife there.

In the real world, the movie's director, angry because of the poor initial reception of the movie, finds the actors guilty of it, and decides to get rid of them by putting their characters in a plane and crashing it in the ground.

(I actually enjoyed that scene. It was fun, I tell you!)

In all likelihood they died in a fire. But, apparently, they managed to take revenge for their death, by killing the director when the plane crashed.

Somebody else found the director's crazy pot (hey, he had to find a name for the movie somewhere), smoked all of it, and shot the final scene, where we can see a mother (which, IIRC, was Marguerite's friend) and her daughter, having a little conversation:

  • Mom?
  • Yes, honey?
  • When I get to be a cat, can I eat crackers?

or some fucked up thing like that.